Monday, December 12, 2011

Economy International the Euro & Dollar 2

My opinion on all of those below issues (12/12/11)

These issues’ not been right towards people of many Nations in Europe: but USA also not doing what should be, could all of you real knows what goes won. I do not think so; because a few minded people only know around high class. Most of all many government countries; waiting for opportunities for not loosing what gain for so long. Germany a country with many mysteries for many years; and many stay with it, with idea, it is some brains behind there. Mr. Helmet Kohl and Helmut Schmidt, now with the same Party, made many mistakes proposed concessions with some countries Leaders just to be part of the Euro. Too much money went down in the drain; not well managed, and some by corruption. I cannot accept 17 countries using the same money currency: and each country has had its own policy. Germany fault with bad judgment into the future. Each country should have maintained won industrial, agriculture and fisheries, to be able to maintain self-sufficiency and not depend on the others by importing. Should export a having competition of what doing. Portugal failed, and stay or not in the Euro, will take many years to catch-up. Was abused and ignorance at the same time: on such concessions of cutting more or less in half of the above. After all the Portuguese people; or any Intellectual outside of government have had a saying throughout a Referendum. The accord should maintain illegal; and Germany responsible for the actions. That should be Democracy, and not Parliamentary Democracy, in those cases also should be in USA too and every country in the world. A small country: in Europe did that, Island, and now do not owing any money. The world must change soon; and let people get involved, to give trust and recognition in business affairs. The people are the power for any country: Tell me! Where is the money to do business in any country? Plenty someone must have; but cannot invest because of not having trust in governments, if changes not done, will take many years to do so. We do not want any wars because of such mess: we want to resolve the issues of Globe Warming, and every country is part of industrial, agriculture and fisheries into of progress. A.Oscar 

For the good of everyone on the Planet; must spread those issues to save Mankind, from collapse into another war, the third and nuclear… A.Oscar

My comment to long to be published; but the economical situation about the Euro, I blame Germany for lack of organization. Because 17 countries using the same currency, the same progress, cannot be every country carried the won responsibility. Must be regulations for everyone: special the governments of each countries spending, and stop once and for all, subsidizing in many ways, which have been auto of control.  A.Oscar


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