Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Enigma Global

Enigma Global

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Enigma Global

Enigma Global! ( by Antonio Oscar )

Enigma Global: it is a name which I creat few years ago because a book already with copiwrite register in Canada to do with environmen

I may have to much to write but can do in one time and time shall be my Master the only problem I may not have time for everything.

I must apolagize for many errors I may do but the only way count my expression of what want to say.

Everything in life has many ways of starting and not always start the right way but in time we all understandin my version to do with environment may help some and creat problems for some.

After read all of what I have been wrote in the internet may change the point of view but our world are in dangers and what I'am going to saying only to make many understanding such situation and not to change to save the world.

Human beings will pay for it's own mistakes and only evolution of born living and die will change.

Everything in the Universe change in to it's on evolutions of liquids,solids and gases in to themselves. but human beings did made many good things also bad'ones too, to destroy themeselves only a matter of time.

The only problem,some will pay for some'one mistakes and the ignorance of some cannot help others. The Dogma or the Dogpa of some human beings have been the major problems in this planet.

i will write in Portuguese too and receive emails in Portuguese English and Spaish

I only start with such and in time will get worm for me to write better and more to do with Human Mind and the problems have been create.

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