Monday, February 07, 2005

Could the World Change

Could the World change?
Why humans create so many problems?

1. The complexity of human Mind
2. Habits another complexity
3. Superiority always in the human Mind, and Why?

The complexity of human Mind do not exist, only lack of understanding what could be wrong of the own thoughts what everybody have behind the Mind which could be subconscious Mind but the environment of which we all are involved since the time we born also give to all of us the training for what we all have to know to survive or understanding the best way to have a better way of living.
We all not different then the others species of animals, the environment and the type of food around could make all of us be what wed may are. After all many species such are the birds in time force themselves to change the beaks to adapt the type of food around that have been for millions of years. Many others an animal also has change for the same reason and many of them change but maintain the same profiles of the others.
What make interesting our understanding if cannot find an, human beings find something to soot themselves and some times pure fantasy just to be happy.
Fantasy human Beings are Mater of, to the point could turn some in to reality which are the same way many others species do to change the on body to survive.

I will continue in to these subjects later in to other article. I ‘am not writing a book in this my way of explain to the internet, but only try make understanding in part of may knowledge in such subjects. My grounds are without ending the only problem I do in English and Portuguese on the same issues
This site of mine could be to expand the knowledge of mine and at the same time learned from the others.
We must try understanding we all are teachers and students at the same time, I didn’t born knowing what I know now also learn lots on my own too throughout researching what came to like a lots. Lives are made of many problems at the same time solutions too. We must have enthusiasm to try resolved as many we can.
Do you know loves are in the same grounds, no love without learning the best to make both happy? Two human Beings also have to understanding what love is about and try doing the best to make the other happy.
I will mention lots about love and sex because seems like the more you know the more you want to know, do you know why? Emotions all are different from human to human and since we may live fifty years without knowing so much about our selves then goes for sex too. Emotions make the world go around and many other things too etc.

Do you know habits have been very complexes ways of life which in many ways have take many people lives? It is stupidity or lack of understanding, I will say been one of the most complex of all because many know it’s own life are in danger’s and still do what should never do.
I will accepted receiving your problems and I may help, because many doctors and psychologist have the same problem of not get out of bad habits,
This subject could go very far, at the same time mention that: When any human beings want something with a strong desire I do believe be possible so many times need somebody help.
Nature are real perfect, the only problem most can not understanding what Nature could do to all of us. I will do my best and slowly on some articles explain Nature and the human Being Mind.

Superiority always in the human Mind, Why?

All of that never born with anyone only learn from the others greed to control what want the most, Some even learn that one day the world be in control by them. What for; the same person most of times could not understand too. Some thing we have in our mind which says how much we like or want without any explanation.
Let me ask you to ask your self how many times came to your mind of do not like somebody without find the reason, some times may saying that! Should be because he or she look like a criminal, bad looks, or something real bad and cannot explained. Do you know some times may be hate involved. Could be the other way around, how much like or love somebody without good reason

Our World is full of surprises and many we like or not because the others also do, some of them full of fantasy and imagination which have been around thousands of years. Not always what we see or hear are truth for we to believe, only human Beings could do that and in many cases they create and stay without knowing what to do and only believe because the others do.

Any of them articles could be prolonged next time, and if anybody want ask questions do so OK to my site or to any email of mine and I shall not mention your name to any ‘one.

Antonio Oscar